About this web site

The Onteora Graduation Class of 1974 is using a pre-set web system built by Class Creator (classcreator.com).     We have chosen this system because of it's flexibility and security.    We purchased the domain name for  www.onteora1974 to use exclusively for our class.   Our web site is strictly designed as a vehicle for our fellow classmates to contact one another.   We (the Onteora class of 1974) totally control this web site and it's content.  

Class Creator has stated the following about this web system:

  • At no time will anyone from Class Creator  (or any other firm) contact our classmates with advertisements.    
  • Class Creator  staff will never e-mail or contact  class members directly (except for twice a year to remind classmates that they might want to update their information.)
  • Our classmate list (addresses, information, etc)  will never be provided (or sold) to any other person or group.    

Since we are managing the content of the site, if we  discover any inappropriate use of the site we can immediately delete  or block any  problems we encounter.    If you find any inappropriate use of the site, please let us know so  that we can investigate.    


Classmates with administrative rights:
Lori Norden Hurt
Mark Pettie
Vida McCullough

Regarding the counting of visitors to our web site
The developers of at Class Creator set up a system to insure accurate counting of web site usage.   When someone visits our web site, the Home page counter counts that person as 1 visitor no matter how many times that same person chooses to visit the site over a 24 hour block of time.   The 24 hour time clock provides a more accurate assessment of the actual number of visitors  our site is receiving - as opposed to counting every single hit to our home page, which provides a distorted view of actual visitors.

Junk mail / spam blockers
When we send out class wide e-mails, we routinely find that 10 to 15 e-mails will not go through to our classmates.  This is usually due to spam filters which misinterpret our address at postmaster@classcreator.net as being possible spam, or junk mail.   To prevent this problem, please remember to add the e-mail address noreply@classcreator.net to your address book as being a safe source to receive e-mail from.